Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is iPhone data recovery a good idea?

What would happen if your wife finds out your ex-girlfriend's messages on your iPhone? I don't even like imagining this...

Does this mean iPhone data recovery isn't a good idea?

Like other DRTs (Data Recovery Tools) we also have an iPhone data recovery stick that can recover your deleted iPhone data. Commonly there is a lot of data on iPhone which we delete after usage. From images and videos to messages and contact details, you have your secrets which that get rid off by deleting them. However, these elements can be recovered using tools, one of which is iPhone data recovery stick.

This technology for Smartphone, especially iPhone data recovery can be beneficial if used within ethical boundaries. From a strict legal aspect, the rightful owner of the iPhone can be identified using iPhone data recovery tools. Similarly deleted messages, images, and videos or in short PDC (personal digital content) can be restored to inspect incidents, criminal acts and various evidences. Depending upon the power of the iPhone data recovery tools, one might be able to uncover the past life of spouse, employee, and of course girlfriends.

Introduction of such spying technologies always have an ethical concern. Using iPhone data recovery tools can definitely disturb social relations and put many people out of their comfort zones. Therefore, to ensure user privacy (up to certain extent) Apple would have to play its role more aggressively.

Also, iPhone geeks would be coming up with ideas to make your iPhone data un-recoverable. Furthermore, the software capabilities aren't assumed to be cent accurate. However, the overall idea of iPhone data recovery isn't that much bad either.

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iWallet: Apple’s step into Mobile Commerce

The next thing Apple has its eyes on is iWallet. The concept is very simple; an iWallet will be a Smartphone replacing your credit card for online transactions.

The iWallet hypothesis seems valid as we see two major things going in Apple's way. New hiring and patent publications for mobile commerce related device makes it easier to believe in the iWallet phenomenon. Benjamin Vigier would be Apple's product manager for mobile commerce, while NFC (Near Field Communication) technology will be used in iWallet.

The NFC technology makes it possible to wave your card or iWallet in front of the sensor without any physical contact for transaction. Apple's recent patent reveals that the iWallet apps focused on mobile payments for concerts, airline tickets and others. However, Apple hasn't made any official comment on that. Chances are that iWallet wouldn't be any separate entity and it will only be an iPhone 5.

It is hard to say about the feasibility of iWallet yet. However, it is estimated to reduce the merchant transaction cost up to 3%. The critical success factor will be the number of people adopting the new technology. The biggest concern remains of the security which needs to be tested thoroughly

Wire transactions from the same hot spot will definitely attract hackers. Most companies, therefore, use dedicated networks but they are still unable to achieve optimum security results. In case of iPhone 5 or iWallet the whole story depends upon 3G network. If there are no signals, resulting in the denial of service, than this can further be exploited for notorious purposes. Along with all the concerns, it will be worth watching how Apple makes its place in mobile commerce.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The adventure begins with Toy Story 3

iphone game apps toy story 3,

If you like the Toy Story series, this new sequel is sure to catch your attention. This iPhone game app follows the same story line as in Toy Story 3 the movie. However, this is the best and the biggest adventure game app of the year with many new features and thrills you can only get by Disney.

The best thing about this iPhone game app is that it's absolutely free. Secondly, there are a lot of new activities and adventures out there which gathers for a thrilling gaming experience. The app also lets you launch the official website from within the game, and you can watch latest updates regarding movie, trailers, show times and many more.

iphone game apps toy story 3,

Getting hold of the Woody means you are up for the ultimate adventure. This iPhone game app brings closer the real movie story line with you being the Woody on the heroic mission in the Woody's Wild Ride to settle the score with evil Dr. Pork-chop. Apart from the main story, the app also offers Woody's greetings. These are personal greeting messages from Woody. All you have to do is to choose from a list of a name and answer a series of questions to describe yourself. You can also make your greeting tones and ringtones based on Toy Story 3 theme.

This iPhone game app also supports toy story pins. You can collect virtual pins by unlocking and earning achievements during the game. The next best thing is Toy Story 3 community, which lets you share your leader board, achievements, pins and many other things. If you are looking for one free iPhone game app Toy Story 3 is the best one for you.

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Griffin PowerDock 2 Charging Base for 2 iPod or iPhone Models

The PowerDock 2 is basically a charging dock that lets you and your family members charge their iPhones or even iPods. This amazing dock is a single base unit that includes two built-in Apple Universal Docks. Additionally, this PowerDock 2 comes along a compilation of Universal Dock with inserted adapters that let you ensure to get nearly every iPod a place on a singular table.

Griffin PowerDock 2 Charging Base

This amazing accessory features two charging bays, base plug-ins of standard 120 VAC wall outlets. The accessory is designed with heavy metallic nature surface that shines brightly and brushed with metallic lust. The accessory effectively and efficiently charges any models of the iPod and iPhone.

Technical Specifications:

  • The internal power supply is almost 2 to 2.5 amp
  • The power input ranges from 110-120 VAC or 60Hz
  • The power output range 5 VDC/500 ma for each dock
  • The AC cable length measures a 6.0 ft./1.8 m
  • Dimensionally the accessory measures 8.07 x 3.15 x 7.87 inches (L*W*H) respectively
  • The accessory weighs 0.54 kg

Enclosed in the box are:

  • PowerDock 2 charging base
  • AC power cord
  • Eight universal dock inserts
  • A warranty card with one-year limitation

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Intel Preparing to Launch New Xeon Processors for Potential Mac Pro Upgrade

After nearly three and a half years with only a minor processor bump, Apple late last year launched its redesigned Mac Pro, moving to a compact cylindrical design relying on a slew of Thunderbolt 2 ports for expandability. While the new machine began shipping in the last few days of 2013, extreme shortages of the machine persisted for months and it wasn't until two months ago that shipping estimates reached the "within 24 hours" level and Apple's own retail stores began stocking the Mac Pro for immediate purchase.


Potential Mac Pro customers may now, however, be starting to look forward to the first update for the redesigned Mac Pro, as Intel appears set to launch new processors appropriate for the Mac Pro next month. As highlighted by Macworld UK, Intel's "Grantley" Xeon E5 v3 chips are nearly ready to ship as successors to the current "Romley" Xeon E5 v2 chips used in the Mac Pro.

Intel announced last month that it had begun shipping at least some versions of the new Xeon E5 v3 chips to server makers, and widespread availability is reportedly set for September. ChipLoco outlined a significant set of E5-2600 v3 series chips, including several that recently became available for pre-order and could be used as an upgrade to the current top-of-the-line 2.7 GHz 12-core E5-2697 v2 chip found in the Mac Pro.

The direct successor to the current chip is the 2.6 GHz 14-core E5-2697 v3 chip, although the new chip does come with a higher thermal rating and it is unclear whether that change would have any impact on Apple's willingness to use the chip in the Mac Pro. Other variants in the new high-end E5-269x v3 series range from 12 to 18 cores.

Below the top end, Apple currently uses E5-1600 v2 series processors, and Intel is reportedly preparing a full set of successor v3 chips for launch next month.

- 4-core: 3.7 GHz E5-1620 v2 moves to 3.5 GHz E5-1620 v3 or 3.7 GHz E5-1630 v3
- 6-core: 3.5 GHz E5-1650 v2 moves to 3.5 GHz E5-1650 v3
- 8-core: 3.0 GHz E5-1680 v2 moves to 3.2 GHz E5-1680 v3

As with the E5-2600 v3 series chips, these E5-1600 v3 series chips come with higher thermal ratings than their predecessors. All of the new chips in both series also support faster DDR4-2133 memory, which will also contribute to improved performance.

On the graphics side, Apple uses customized versions of AMD's FirePro series of high-end graphics cards, although Apple's D300, D500, and D700 options can be roughly equated with AMD's W7000, W8000, and W9000 on the PC side. Over the last several months, AMD has been updating its FirePro cards, culminating with this week's introduction of four new cards, including the W7100 successor to the W7000 card. Alex4D summarizes how the W9100/W8100/W7100 cards introduced in recent months compare to their predecessors and collates a handy comparison chart showing how these new and old cards compare to Apple's D-series cards.
At each level AMD have at least doubled the VRAM, added 40% more stream processors. The W8100 and W9100 have wider memory buses (so more information can be transferred for each command) and many more transistors.

Although Apple can specify any number of stream processors, clock speeds or VRAM, these more recent cards show what AMD considers is the low-, medium- and high-end when it comes to PCs. For Mac owners perspective, they show how much card for a similar amount of money AMD can now make compared with the cards in the Mac Pro and 2012.
As for when updated Mac Pro models might arrive, that remains unclear, but the good news is that the pieces supporting a potential upgrade are starting to fall into place. While Intel's new processors are reportedly scheduled to arrive next month, it is unlikely a Mac Pro upgrade is that close given Apple's usual iPhone focus for that month. But it seems possible an upgrade could be in the works by late this year or early next year depending on how Apple decides to space out its product launches and at what point it views the Mac Pro as in need of a boost.

Higher-End 4.7 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 to Get Sapphire Displays, Higher Price Tags


Apple has plans to use a sapphire crystal display in the higher-end models of the two versions of the iPhone 6 that it plans to debut this fall, reports The Wall Street Journal. Because of the higher cost of sapphire, Apple may also charge more for the high-end versions of the devices.
Apple is considering using sapphire screens in more-expensive models of the two new, larger iPhones it plans to debut this fall, if it can get enough of the material, people familiar with the matter say. Some analysts expect Apple to charge more for the phones than previous new models, because of increased component costs.
Multiple iPhone 6 rumors have speculated that sapphire could be constrained to either the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 or the higher-end models due to cost and production issues, but The Wall Street Journal is the first mainstream publication to confirm those rumors.

If Apple is only planning to use sapphire in the higher-end models of the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, that could explain why a sandpaper test on a leaked iPhone 6 front panel revealed that it was not made of pure sapphire.

Apple is investing a considerable amount of money into partner GT Advanced's sapphire plant, shelling out more than $500 million to outfit the factory with high-output furnaces for sapphire production. Rumors have suggested GT Advanced has the capability to eventually produce enough sapphire to outfit 100 to 200 million iPhones, but other rumors have pointed towards high costs and production problems as limiting factors. Apple is also planning to use sapphire for the upcoming iWatch, according to The Wall Street Journal. The first sapphire displays for the two devices are "expected to roll off production lines this month."

Sapphire is seen as a desirable material due to its extreme durability and scratch resistance, but many smartphone manufacturers have suggested Apple's plan to use the material is just a marketing gimmick due to its prohibitive cost.

While Apple may not be able to produce the entire lineup of iPhone 6 displays in sapphire, rumors have suggested that when the factory is fully functional, it will give the company a way to produce massive quantities of sapphire at a low cost, which means a full sapphire lineup could be more feasible for future devices.

Monday, August 18, 2014

More Photos Point Toward 1,810 mAh Battery for 4.7-Inch iPhone 6

Last month, a photo surfaced showing what looked very much in line with Apple's usual iPhone battery design but with a capacity of 1,810 mAh, higher than the 1,560 mAh battery found in the iPhone 5s. Speculation naturally pointed toward the new battery being for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, with a number of observers being disappointed in the modest capacity increase considering the larger display slated for the device.

Just last week, an analyst report claimed the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will actually include a 2,100 mAh battery, giving hope to those looking for a more substantial increase but lacking any evidence to support the claim.

New photos shared by [Google Translate] now provide additional support for the original 1,810 mAh claim. The photos offer a good look at the batteries, which appear to contain the full set of regulatory and specification text as well as an Apple logo, with one photo showing the batteries in trays for shipment.


(Click for larger)
The one battery shown in closeup does include a manufacturing date of June, making it several months old, while the original leaked battery had a more recent manufacturing date of July. Still, the growing evidence for the 1,810 mAh battery suggests the analyst claim of a 2,100 mAh battery may indeed be incorrect.

These new photos of the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 battery come just after other photos surfaced from a different source allegedly showing the battery for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. That battery checks in with a capacity of 2,915 mAh, potentially offering a significant increase in battery life depending on how much more power the device draws than its smaller sibling.